Social Media Reputation

Social Media Reputation




If your dealership does not have a presence on key social networks today, you’re missing a vital tool for building profitability and enhancing growth. Likewise, if you are not monitoring the conversation surrounding your brand online, you are missing key opportunities to mitigate negative information and turn a poor experience into a positive one, even retaining customers who would otherwise have never returned.

At SOFUSH, we’ve worked with auto dealers just like you to build social media marketing plans and ensure constant, ongoing monitoring for all social channels. We can even help you choose the best social channels for your specific dealership needs, and then engage and interact with fans and followers to build your brand.

We can also help you protect your reputation from negative information and reviews, transform negative experiences, and deliver the best possible customer experience. It goes deeper than just checking Yelp every now and then – you need to dive deep into the online conversation surrounding your brand to build a strong, positive reputation.

Ready to take control of your reputation and reach out to your fans on social media? We can help. Contact us today.